Thursday, July 9, 2015

Music in the Park

There are a couple of weekly children's concerts in the area that we like to attend during the summer.  Yesterday we went to Music in the Park in Plymouth and heard The Music Lady.  Since changing jobs last fall Mike now works locally, so he came and had lunch with us there.

As we walked downtown from the car to the park, Michael froze on the sidewalk, pointed into a store's doorway and said, "Mama, you have to see this."

Sophie got a look before me and said, "Sunflower!  You can use this for the scavenger hunt!"

So I did.


I bought the kids a couple of sticker coloring books at the dollar store to play with at the graduation party we went to a couple of weeks ago.  They had no interest that day but the books were a hit while we waited for the concert.

Michael colored periodically throughout the concert, at least when he and Sophie weren't dancing or joining the line of kids making a train around the park during railroad songs.  He looked up from his coloring a couple times here to sing.


The kids have been very patient with me taking photographs for this hunt.  I'll be sad when it's over!  With s'mores, lemonade, snow cone, and other treats on the list, Michael and Sophie are sure to make out well as a result.


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