Monday, July 6, 2015

A Summer Day

Michael and Sophie are taking swim lessons at Lifetime Fitness this summer.  The cost of the family membership was about the same as Mike's Planet Fitness membership plus the cost of monthly lessons for two kids at Goldfish or Aqua Tots.  Between the one month of free lessons for the kids that we got just by joining and the additional month that our Lifetime Bucks covered, it seemed like a no-brainer to go the way that gets us access to an outdoor pool for the summer.  Maybe we'll go back to the Planet Fitness and either Goldfish or Aqua Tots when we have to start legitimately paying for lessons at Liftetime.  That will coincide with the end of summer pool time anyway.  We'll see.  That place is pretty nice.

July 6
Due to the mild weather so far this summer, nights of T-ball, eight mornings of safety town, and various other small adventures, today was the first day that we took advantage of the pool access that we were so looking forward to using.  The kids and I entered the pool around 10:30 and had it pretty much to ourselves for most of the time until we left at noon to go home for lunch.  Since the kids can't swim on their own yet, an hour and a half of pool time was sufficient.  

July 6-2
Again, I'm amazed how much these two have grown in a year.  Last year when we visited this pool on a one week free trial, Michael and Sophie were scared to go into the three foot deep shallow end without Puddle Jumpers, but this year their heads and necks are solidly out of the water when they walk in the pool flat-footed, and they were much more confident on their own.  Both kids practiced swimming with kick boards (reserved for 12 years old and up, but they made an exception--yeah!) and finally enjoyed going underwater a bit.  We really have crossed over to a new land of big-kidness, and it's quite fun.

July 6-3
At home we had lunch, and the kids napped hard.  (We'll have to break that napping habit before kindergarten in the fall, but I'm not rushing it!)  Later in the afternoon we made the most of temps in the mid-eighties and had some sprinkler and sandcastle time.

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