Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Day at the Park

The kids and I spent some time at the park today.  When we were at this park about a week ago, I caught Michael out of the corner of my eye crossing the monkey bars for the first time.  Both kids also jumped fearlessly from one half-buried tractor wheel to the next, a challenge that required hand-holding last year as their legs were just a tad too short to make the leaps solidly on their own.  Parks keep reminding me how much these two are growing.

This also happens to be the park with the Paci Tree, and we visit those decaying suckers every time.

Reading that post from the day we hung the pacies just now made me very grateful that I have kept this blog. There were a lot of details in there that I did not remember like Sophie's love-hate relationship with her sock monkey and the agitating sound of a plastic pacifier hitting the hardwood floor in the middle of the night.  Surely I could have just kept a journal with all of this, but knowing somebody out there could be following our journey has kept me going with this in a way a traditional journal just would not have.  I've probably written something like this in a post before as this isn't the first time putting in a link back to an older post has done this for me!


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