Friday, February 20, 2015

Michael, Sophie, let me introduce you to Mario.

Feb 20
On days when I pick Sophie and Michael up from child care a little later than normal (which, sadly, is more and more these days--ahh, teaching), they often tell me about watching big kids play "Mario Wii."  When numbers go down at the center, classes get combined, and sometimes Pre-K kids spend some time with the school age kids who come in for after school care.  

The kids know we have a Wii.  It's how we watch shows on Netflix.  However, they were pretty excited to learn our Wii is the same as the "Mario Wii" at school.  On this second of two cold days off from work in a row, I broke out the steering wheel and we played some Mario Kart this morning.  At one point I found myself on the couch, a kid on either side cheering me on, and realized I was not showing them how to play, I was just playing.  Sitting on my couch in my pajamas playing Mario.  Eventually I had to share again, but it was a joy to be sucked away into that fun myself for a while.

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