Monday, February 23, 2015

"He's the Cheeky One"

Feb 23
And we had another cold day.  Eventually those teenagers will need some learnin' again, but for the last few school days and a weekend within them I've been at home.  With the kids.  Inside.  Mostly in the living room.  Playing on the floor (as you may have seen in the last few photos).

As long as these days can be, photographing this kind of play is sort of magical.  Looking through the lens, focusing on the toys rather than the kids, I find myself in their imagined world.  Little voices narrate about needing more coal and bridges needing repair, and I watch the events transpire with these child-god hands maneuvering the vulnerable characters through their troubles.  It's no Downton Abbey, but it's entertaining enough.  For a while.

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