Monday, August 12, 2013

Up at 636

With some extended family in town, we journeyed to my uncle's house for an afternoon barbecue.  The house he lives in was my grandparents' home for over fifty years, where my mom and her four siblings grew up, and where my bother, cousins, and I played as a kids.  It was pretty special to see Michael and Sophie enjoying that yard as we did.

Family Gathering-1

Family Gathering-3
Watching the bees with Uncle Joe

Family Gathering-4
Hide and Seek

Family Gathering-5

Family Gathering-6

Family Gathering-7
Get ready...

Family Gathering-8
...get set...

Family Gathering-9!!!

Family Gathering-10

Family Gathering-11

Family Gathering-12

Family Gathering-13

Family Gathering-14

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