Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fantastic Gymnastics


With one class to go in the session, Michael and Sophie received ribbons at gymnastics yesterday.  Knowing this was happening, I was sure to finally bring my phone along to capture some of this fun. Here's a bit of what I got in between lifting my shorties up to the bars, handing them rings and ropes, and making sure they remembered to wait their turns.

Sophie on the bar.

Michael on the rings.

Not the best stuff, but I tried. They've done way cuter, way more impressive stuff, but you can always ask their Grammie (Mike's mom) or Grandpa (my dad) to vouch for that.  Both of those grandparents filled in for Mike after his recent surgery, and like all grandmas and grandpas they're completely unbiased regarding Michael and Sophie's cuteness and abilities, I swear.  ;)

Aside from the confidence this class seems to have given Michael and Sophie, it also inspired a new ending to games of Follow the Leader at home.

This is how their gymnastics classes end--the bye-bye song, stickers, and stamps.  We told their teacher about the bye-bye song showing up at home, and she said that happens a lot.  It is pretty catchy.

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