Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Surprise Toys Revisited


After our first official day of summer vacation on Monday, I sent the kids to one more day of child care yesterday and reorganized the toys in their playroom and the basement storage room.  This is becoming an every-six-months routine.  

When facing a long winter of playing inside or summer spent mostly at home, I find it helpful to do a little purge (only one big garbage bag for Salvation Army from yesterday) and shift bin contents to accommodate all that was acquired since the last clean-up.  For example, the one big arts-and-crafts bin is now two medium-sized bins, one designated just for play dough toys as we now have quite a few, and the other for finger paints and other supplies.  


I hoped to organize a few other areas of the house as well, but as is typical, the day was only so long.  After I picked the kids up we played outside and ate sandwiches at the picnic table for dinner.  When I mentioned that they hadn't seen the "surprise toys" in playroom yet, Michael set down his roll-up and announced with a mouthful that he was all done.  I convinced him to take a couple more bites before he insisted that we go in and play.  

Both kids tend to remind me of that Meijer school supply commercial when they discover these old toys that they've played with before but that have just been stored away for a while. Michael came running out of the playroom with the tiny shoe box of rocks that are fun to spill around when playing with dinosaurs (and I couldn't figure out which bin they should be stored in now, so out they came).  He held it up and shouted, "Mommy, it's rocks!"  I just love him.

I hope the enthusiasm for this batch lasts a good while.  Anyone wish to place bets on how long until I'm taking advantage of my better organized stash and bringing up more?

These aren't all toys.  Some are bins our outgrown items, MoMs club supplies, all kid-related stuff. 

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