Sunday, September 16, 2012

Belle Isle Aquarium

We had a party to go to at around 3:00 on Saturday an hour away from home.  That timing meant naps in the car for Michael and Sophie, so Mike and I decided to stretch that ride out by showing the kids some fishies at the Belle Isle Aquarium in the morning and getting some lunch downtown.

We hadn't been to the aquarium before it closed seven years ago, but on our few visits to Belle Isle since, we've been very curious about this little piece of history.

The kids had their first celebrity sighting.  In one tank were two orange and white clown fish, so you know what that meant: "NEMO! NEMO'S DADDY!"  I was holding Sophie at that moment and was lunged forward as she grabbed Mike's shoulder to shove him out of the way for a closer look.
We spent a little while walking around the conservatory grounds.

Sophie got a lot of compliments on her dress at the aquarium (we stood in line for about 20 minutes) and later at the party.  You might recognize it from Thanksgiving 2011 and some of the kids' 18 month photos (which I never posted since I used them for Christmas cards and gifts).  The dress was perfect for yesterday's high of 72 degrees and a day of running around outside, so I'm happy it still fit.  I bought it with a matching tie for Michael on Esty last September, but it doesn't look like Two Sisters Originals are selling clothes right now.  If you hunt Etsy, I'm sure you can find similar sets if you're looking.

We've apparently been living under a rock because we heard nothing of Tour De troit until masses of bikes surrounded us on our way to lunch.  It took us a bit to weave our way to Slows, and Micheal dozed off on the way.  He was a bit of a cranky pants until he was full of chicken and corn bread. 
Milestone of the day:  Michael peed in his first public toilet at the restaurant!  Biggest giggle of the day: Drying hands under the crazy powerful dryer in that bathroom.  I couldn't hear Michael under the noise, but I could feel the giggles in his little belly as I held him up.  Of course, that made me giggle away as well. 

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