Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What up, gnomies?

Michael and Sophie's Halloween costumes came today, and I can contain my excitement no longer.  Garden gnomes, people.  Garden gnomes! 

I selfishly chose the kids' costumes without their input (these days are numbered), so I thought I should at least familiarize Sophie and Michael with the concept of gnomes if there is to be any hope of getting them happily into the outfits come Halloween.  They have seen Snow White, and they recognize Santa Claus, but even dwarves and elves are only on the fringes of their consciousness.  I showed them a clip of Gnomeo and Juliet on Youtube a week ago which they liked, but I think it was just the allure of the costumes' tall hats (they keep calling them moons), flower shaped pockets, and removable beard that won them over this afternoon. 

I didn't take any pictures of Michael and Sophie all gnomed up today, and probably won't for a few weeks yet, but picture this...

...with significantly more plaid and the cuteness cranked up to eleven. 
And on that note, I have to admit that watching my two buddies walking around in their pointy hats and pointy shoes I thought of Stonehenge.  A reenactment just might be in order.

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