Friday, November 25, 2011


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mike's parents' house yesterday and that alone is something to be thankful for this year.  His dad looks great and is getting around with little evidence of the physical challenges he's faced this year.  His mom made a delicious dinner and is in good health as well.  Our families get along great, so my parents and brother joined us there this year along with Michael and Sophie's Gigi and Papa (Mike's mom's parents) and some family friends.

We made some fantastic memories including:

 - continuing the tradition Mike started as a kid of putting black olives on his fingertips at the dinner table...Michael and Sophie fed their parents in this manner

 - the kids hiding in the hallway and entering on cue ("Where did Michael and Sophie go?") to be greeted with enthusiastic applause...all 27 times

 - Michael refusing to nap but conking out for all of five minutes on Grandpa's shoulder...only to be woken by Mama bumping his foot as she tried to transfer him to a Pack and Play

 - the kids high-fiving Papa again and again

 - Michael sharing pumpkin pie with Daddy and Sophie requesting bite after bite of just the crust (good work, Mom!)

And here are a few more moments:

The song is "Make Someone Happy" performed by Seal.

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