Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini Muralists

I've had this idea of rolling out some dollar store craft paper and having the kids color on it for a while.  I took advantage of having no dining table for the time being and set it all up as Michael and Sophie finished their dinner on Thursday.  They were "All done!" very quickly with their meal. This kept them both happily occupied for over half an hour.  In toddler time that's like four days.

I kept a wet paper towel handy for slip-ups with the marker, but there were only a handful.  (Michael declares dirty hands, dropped crackers, and coloring goofs as "a MESS" whenever they occur.  He has such a tone of disgust.  I wonder where he gets that desire for neatness...)

Love the feet!  And the trim.  Keep it coming, hubby!

They do this kind of thing at the child care center during the year quite a bit, all revolving around some weekly theme like farm animals or a season.  I considered trying to make this sort of educational but decided to keep it just for fun.  We identify shapes and practice the alphabet and counting quite a bit, so they shouldn't fall too far behind this summer. :P

The finished product left a big empty space in the middle as the kids stuck to coloring the edges.  It would make a cute border for a sign one day.

Sophie liked coloring her colors.  : )

" What you doing, My-Ko?"

I'm sure Mike will point out to that Michael seems in all of these pictures to be coloring with his left hand like his left-handed daddy.  But look, they're clearly both ambidextrous!

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