Monday, July 2, 2012

Built-in Playmates

One of the advantages of having twins that gets pointed out a lot is that the kids both have a "built-in playmate."  These days that benefit really is proving to be true. 

While I was checking my email in the kitchen this morning, I heard this horse riding/basket bouncing game going on behind me for several minutes.  We had been using those toy baskets for a game of basketball (of course), but Michael and Sophie started pretending they were horses and would get in and out and in and out and giggle all the while.  As always, once I pulled out the camera, the neighs and bouncing and giggling  slowed considerably.

Don't you love Sophie's "I don't know" shrug?  She's been doing that a lot which makes me ask her a lot of tough questions.  : )

Anyway, while it lasted, emails were answered, a few were sent, and the kiddos were perfectly occupied.

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