Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laundry Helpers

I never know how it's going to go, folding laundry in the presence of two toddlers.  Will they try to help by putting piles of folded laundry back in the basket in a crumpled heap, or will they have no interest whatsoever in my chore?

On Saturday Michael and Sophie were actually pretty helpful. Sophie followed instructions on how to fold a washcloth and did quite well...and boy was she proud!  They both helped to determine whose clothes were whose (it was a load of their laundry) and what color each item was--obviously a diversion, but in their minds they helped.  They even listened very well when I asked them to leave the folded laundry where it was. 

For a while afterward they wanted to play in the basket, Michael pretending to drive the car, both bringing various stuffed toys along for the ride.  When it was time for their nap, Sophie followed me into their room, and when I went back out to find Michael, he was pretending to snore, all curled up at the bottom of the basket, giggling when I snatched him out for his real snooze time!

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