Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Year Photos

I decided to try my hand at taking some portraits of Michael and Sophie yesterday.  I've been slowly but surely working my way out of my camera's auto setting (for the last 2+ years), and while these photos are far from perfect, I'm pleased with my progress.

Sophie is wearing my old sailor dress.  Insert a Sears Portrait Studio background circa 1980 behind her here and she could be me.

Michael has turned into your typical almost two-year-old boy.  He points out every truck, bus, car, and train that he sees and loved the Thomas set at the Henry Ford Museum.  Sophie's a fan as well.

Am I wrong, or could she be on her way back to the Oval Office?

"Sophie, cover me."
"Already on it, buddy."

"...alllll through the town!"

These two stick their tongues out a lot!

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  1. Too, too, too adorable! Cute kids, and great pics! Nice job.


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