Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Local Artists

The warmer winter and early spring this year has kept me from falling into full-on hibernation mode and seems to have kicked the more industrious side of me into high gear.  I want to plan vacations, research home improvements, and actually feel motivated to go all Nike and just do some of the tasks that cross my mind.  Most of the time I feel like one of those circus acts with the spinning dishware, but I'm starting to think that's actually how I like it.

Several heavier pieces of art recently came home from the child care center (including those "turf paintings" pictured below), and when tape wouldn't hold them, I decided it was time to put one of my ideas into action.   I did hit up Pinterest to see if there were any better ideas, but the simple solution I envisioned seemed like the way to go. 


Here are a few cute solutions I did come across:

We had the eye-hooks and twine in our basement.  I just had to pick up some mini-clothespins for $2 at Michael's (on the same trip that I bought the baskets for the pantry).  I'm thinking of displaying Christmas cards like this in the future.

The above wall art was already on the playroom wall.  Being so high up out of the reach of my shorties left a lot of space below.

 As adorable as those other solutions are, this one makes me think of quaint cafes that hang art from local artists beside the tables.  And I guess that's kind of what this is!

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