Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lazy Monkeys

For weeks our Five Little Monkeys finger puppets have been miracle workers.  I pop them on my fingers, start bouncing my hand up and down, and let the kids take one at a time off as I sing the little song. Countless tears have turned into playful giggles.

Then Mike made things difficult.  He's been sharing Bruno Mars' video for "The Lazy Song" with the kids.  Not entirely toddler-appropriate, but it's available on demand, and Sophie and Michael have come to really like it.  Today Mike took it a step further and started singing that song complete with whistles while dancing the little puppets around.  It was clever, cute, and got Michael dancing (although that kid dances light classical).

Unfortunately when I tried to sing the original song, Michael would have none of it.  He even attempted to whistle to communicate my error.  Since I'm much more comfortable singing Five Little Monkies, I'm hoping a good nights' sleep wipes the finger puppets' most recent performance from the kids' little memories!

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