Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Famliversary

It's officially a tradition.  On the day before Thanksgiving, Mike, the kids, and I fill ourselves with the kitchiest kitch around by going up to Frankenmuth, spending some time at Bronner's, and hitting a few stores in the outlet mall at Birch Run.  I considered skipping the trip this year, but I'm glad we didn't.  There's nothing like a couple of one-and-a-half year olds to bring a Christmas store to life.  Here's a little glimpse of our visit to Bronner's.

The song is "Merry Christmas Baby" performed by Otis Redding.

Here's last year's post that explains the tradition.

This past weekend we went downtown Detroit for Christmas Wonderfest.  Seeing my two favorite faces watching the ice skaters, looking up at the big Christmas tree, and even dancing in their high chairs at the Hard Rock Cafe made it clear to me that this year Christmas is going to be crazy fun. 

But first, let's eat some turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

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