Friday, August 6, 2010

Today's walk was sponsored by...

the ladies of MHS!  Thanks again, co-workers.  This stroller  (Baby Jogger City Mini Double) turns like a dream, rolls over big bumps in the sidewalk smoothly, and the seats fully recline for my little nappers!

I still love the used Double Snap and Go that our carseats snap into and will continue to use it for adventures outside of the neighborhood for as long as we can.  (With Graco Snugride 35's, that will be when the babies are 35 inches or 35 pounds.)  We've also taken the DSNG for many walks around the neighborhood since Sophie and Michael were newborns in need of the support of their carseats.

We made use of the DSNG just last night when we went out for pizza and walked to get ice cream.

 However, last week a power outage left us without a sound machine for the babies or a DVR for me, and two consecutive nap times were spent on two long walks.  I decided that day that the DSNG wasn't really meant for the bumps and turns of our neighborhood sidewalks, and since the babies are bigger it was time to break out the fancy schmancy stroller my co-workers gave us at our baby shower.  

Today was it's maiden voyage, and it was smooooooth. 

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