Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday, Uncle Nick!

Mike's brother Nick and his wife Molly were in town over the weekend for Nick's birthday, and we were thrilled to introduce them to Sophie and Michael on Friday. 

On Saturday my mother- and father-in-law threw Nick a party, so we spent the day there again, this time with more friends, family, and food!

We're currently transitioning Sophie and Michael to napping in their cribs rather than sleepers or Boppys in the living room at home.  We're also starting to space their feedings out to four hours apart (up to 3.5 consistently).  Things had been going ok at home, but the changes in addition to the excitement of those two days really threw off their daytime sleep. Sophie and Michael were pretty fussy on both days.

Even though they weren't totally themselves, it was a fun to share them with many family members and friends for the first time. 

Sophie and Michael's outfits were a gift from the principal and secretaries at the school where I teach. 

Below is Nick, the birthday boy, and his wife Molly.

Kids at Gail and Mike Sr.'s parties always want to play this vintage arcade game down in the basement.

Grammie and her poopsie!

If Michael ends up a hockey fan, we'll know why.  Uncle Nick had a good chat with him.

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