Sunday, May 31, 2015


Now that I am 150 days into this photo a day project, I have been reflecting a bit on how this 365 is going and where to go from here.  I have come to the following conclusions.

- This project has been good for me.  I have taken a ton of photos that I would have otherwise believed were not possible due to a lack of time, lighting, and/or my own energy and abilities. I'm grateful for the many moments I have captured as a result.

Feb 27

- My skills are improving.  I am more conscious of my settings, adjust them with specific intentions with more satisfying results, and no longer default to priority modes when circumstances are tough.

May 5

- I regret including iPhone photos in this project, posting DSLR photos that I edited too quickly, and not taking 150 photos in these 150 days.  I want to take more photos with my DSLR in manual in a routine, disciplined way, but these parameters are not right for me.

April 18

With all of that in mind, and to revive the goal of getting 365 photos in my album by the end of the year, I have decided to alter my plan.  My intention now is to to take, edit, and post nine photos a week.  Those nine may be taken in one day, over the course of those seven days, or in some combination in between (three photos from three separate days in a week, perhaps).

March 7

In the spirit of that alteration I have added a handful of photos to my Flickr album that I posted on the blog as extras earlier in this project.  With those there are now 100 photos in my 365 album.  With thirty weeks left in 2015 and the goal of nine photos a week, I am back on track.  I didn't think I cared much about that final number, but seeing that goal once again within reach is inspiring.

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