Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cookie Day

The first thing Sophie said today was, "Is today cookie day?"  When I told her it was, she said in a soft, whimsical voice, "Oh, it's finally here!"

Clearly she (and Michael) had been looking forward to this time to bake cookies here at home with my mom and me.  My mom made some traditional cookies over the last few days at her house, ones that aren't super fun for kids to make.  Today we made gingerbread and sugar cookies.

Cookie Day-2

Back on Thanksgiving the kids enjoyed making whipped cream with their Grammie using our Kitchen Aid mixer, "startling" Grammie every time they turned it on and off, a game that led to serious belly laughs for everyone.  The next day they said it was one of the best parts of that day.

Cookie Day-3

Cookie Day-4

Cookie Day-5

Maybe next year we'll try the traditional cookies as well, but this time around I knew frosting and sprinkles were what these two had in mind.

Cookie Day-6

I hope Santa is in the mood for sugar when he drops by tomorrow night!

We would all love to make this day before Christmas Eve cookie day every year.  Now that my mom is retired, she has a little more free time around the holidays, and it was nice to take advantage of that.

Mike, the kids, and I ended the day by taking some treats (not the cookies that are pictured--some that look less like Christmas shaped kiddo germs) to our neighbors and going for a walk on a balmy 40 degree evening.  That also felt like a tradition in the making and hopefully a bridge to getting to know our neighbors better.

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