Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ribbon Tree

Michael and Sophie enjoyed sticking paper ribbons to a wrapping paper tree in their toddler classroom last year at their center's Christmas party, and I filed that away as a project to try at home.  It's not a toy that can be played with again and again like its felt cousin, but the supplies for this tree were on hand in our gift wrapping stash, and we've done it a couple of times now.  The pictures below are from the second time around when I actually cut the tree big enough to fully cover the vinyl one underneath.

Stickers are as popular as cheese around here these days, so this activity fit right in.

Ribbon Tree-1 Ribbon Tree-2

Ribbon Tree-3

Ribbon Tree-4 Ribbon Tree-5

Ribbon Tree-6

Ribbon Tree-7

Ribbon Tree-8

Ribbon Tree-9
"Help, pwease."

Ribbon Tree-10

Here's Michael playing "Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum" on the ribbon box and looking a lot like old pictures of his dad.

Ribbon Tree-11

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