Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michael and Sophie 2.5

Sophie and Michael turned two and a half this past weekend.  That milestone might have slipped by without much notice, but over the last few weeks the kids have started to seem older, bigger, more preschoolish.  Their teachers have mentioned it, both grandmas have commented, and Mike and I have exchanged a lot of "Did you just hear her?" and "Did he just do that?" looks of amusement.  The kids are even easing into a transitional preschool classroom at their child care center this week.  This moment in their growth deserved some celebration...and pictures.
Our plan was to go to an orchard (a tradition regardless of the 30-month mark), have cider and donuts, and pick out pumpkins.  The weather had other ideas.   We tried Saturday morning, leaving the house with sunny skies and returning minutes later as the rain started.  We attempted it again after naps, and trudged through the inevitable downpour resigning to at least enjoy a cinnamony treat.  That was actually a lovely way to spend some time on a rainy afternoon, despite leaving the pumpkin selection for another day.

We gave our pumpkin hunting mission a shot again on Sunday morning, heading to an orchard to the south based on the radar on the local news.  This time there was no rain, but the orchard didn't open for another hour (we got there at 10:00 A.M.).  Didn't think to Google that one. 
Mike and I were a little annoyed, but Sophie was downright pissed after getting in the wagon and riding up to a few orchard employees to learn the bad news. We soothed her disappointed cries of "Punkin, punkin, punkins!" as we loaded back into the minivan with the promise of "snakes" (bacon). 
On the way home from brunch Mike spotted a sign for a u-pick pumpkin patch.  We chose to sacrifice naptime in the name of fall fun, knowing our own little punkins were sure to sleep that possibility away on the twenty minute drive home.  And they did.


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