Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to Back Buddies

Last night after dinner, as I ran around straightening up the house, I peeked in the playroom at the kids and saw them sitting back to back together on their bin of plastic dishes.  As I went back by a few more times, I was surprised to see them still playing that way, not fighting over whose bin it was or just losing interest in the arrangement.  When I went in to join them, I brought the camera.

Back to back from Shared and Doubled on Vimeo.

I said nothing to them the whole time, even as they got up to get new books and toys (the cuts in the video were just to shorten it).  They just kept going back to that bin!  It finally ended when Michael got up to ask me to write "ludders" with him on the Magna Doodle.  Just one of those amusing moments in parenting twins!

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