Monday, June 13, 2011

Modesty for Mommy

Marilyn Monroe - Beach - 24x36 Poster

While I've worn my share of bikinis, I've always preferred the comfort and modesty of a one piece bathing suit.  Unfortunately, for the last decade or so, one piece swimwear has been less than cute. 

Now summer is upon us, and I'm a mom.  I don't have too much of a pooch, but the texture of my lower belly is less than perfect.  I also expect to be lifting, carrying, and chasing one or two one-year-olds while wearing this swimwear, so a one piece just seems safer.

Happily, one piece swimsuits seem to have turned a corner in the last year or so.  They're retro, more mini-dress than granny skirt, and dare I  Here are my favorites: 

Ralph Lauren  - It's youthful but classy, nautical in the navy with the white band.  I love the tie in the back with the keyhole beneath.  I don't love the amount of rouching that it has in reality (way more than shown) and am ordering a smaller size online than I bought in the store hoping that takes care of it.

Jantzen  - While I was still pregnant and dreading what my post-preg body might look like, I did a search of Marilyn Monroe pin-up style, vintage-inspired bathing suits.  I found a few then, but because the pediatrician said no swimming or sunscreen for the babies before six months, no real need for swimwear presented itself last summer.  This year we'll make opportunites happen.  The rouching in this suit doesn't bother me as it seems purposeful for the style and not just a contrived method for hiding flaws.  I bought this in torquoise.

Kenneth Cole - I spotted one of these randomly tossed on a rack at Macy's and couldn't find any others in my size.  I tried it on and loved it.  I felt like I was in a hot little dress while secure enough to lift and play with a toddler or two.  The size wasn't too far off, but I'm ordering mine online in red.

I'm not sure how many swimsuits I'll keep when this process is over, but I'm happy that I can feel modest and fashionable at the same time this summer in at least one of these!

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