Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Matching Monkeys

I've heard some people, especially identical twins, say not to put twins in matching outfits, that it really is tough on their identity formation.  However, I don't think there's too much harm in coordinating outfits, matching either the style, fabric, or color while making sure at least one of those components is different.

With The Best Dressed Child website on my mind, I cruised through Janie and Jack on Saturday hoping to find next year's birthday and/or Easter outfits for Michael and Sophie on the sale racks.

And I did.

It's pretty tough to find affordable, coordinating outfits for a boy and a girl, so I was thrilled to see these.  The quality of both pieces is very nice--the dress has great details and is fully lined, the shorts have an adjustable waist.  (I passed on the shirts they had and will just pick up a plaid button-up elsewhere.)  Still, I love how they stick the sale prices on beside the original ones just for suckers like me! And the "Made in Indonesia" label suggests an enormous and morally questionable profit margin.  Sucker or not, I wish I'd shopped some clearance racks for future Christmas outfits, but I'll keep that in mind in January.

I also recently bought these onesies from an Etsy seller.  They should be in the mail to us right now.  Stumbling on them months ago, I very nearly made peanut butter and jelly the theme for Michael and Sophie's first birthday party.  The allergen factor scared me off despite having dreamed up a menu that still makes me salivate.  Peanut butter fondue, anyone?

 I also plan to get these in the near future.  One says "monkey see" and the other says "monkey do," a sentiment that's becoming more and more true by the day around here. 

Take a look at some "monkey see, monkey do" behavior in the form of another bath video, this time with coordinating faux hawks.

I figure I better have fun with coordinating outfits before Michael and Sophie learn to unison!

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