Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wave hello to my adorable geniuses!

Michael may be saying "mama" for real, but I'm not totally convinced it's more than appropriately timed babbling. He also said "Oprah" the other day out of nowhere. We weren't watching it, and I wasn't telling him to live his best life, so I think that was just a fluke as well. While their speaking abilities are just emerging, both babies are getting pretty social in other ways.

Michael and Sophie have their own signature waves. At this point if you just say, "Hi, Michael!" you're likely to see him do this. Sophie's arm sometimes needs a little help getting in the air, but once she's waving, she seems to love it!

Geniuses, right?

While we've played with their toy phones together quite a bit (pretending to ask Daddy to bring home hamburgers on his way home from work and telling various grandparents how much we miss and love them), I was excited when I spotted Michael holding the little purple one up to his ear yesterday and having a spirited "conversation" all by himself. Sophie did the same thing later in the day. Of course, by the time I slipped out of the playroom and back with the camera, this is all I could record of Michael.

Ok, not that impressive, but if you saw him just a minute before this you'd agree he's probably a genius.

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