Monday, February 14, 2011

The cure for thirty-thritus

I suspected this would happen.  I woke up this morning with thirty-thritus (symptoms include turning thirty-three, not really caring about that, and seeing going to work as less important than life at home for roughly 24 hours).  The only cure for such a condition is hours and hours of uninterrupted Michael and Sophie time.  Good thing I had the foresight to leave sub plans on Friday!

I don't normally take my birthday off of work, but these days I'm driven to relish in baby time when a reason (beyond just loving them and knowing how quickly this precious time will pass) presents itself.  So here I am relishing.  I can't think of a better way to show Sophie and Michael love on Valentine's Day than by spending more time on the floor playing, singing, and snuggling with them. 

And here's a bit of my morning with my little valentines:

Along with my 33rd birthday, this is Michael and Sophie's ten month birthday!  I'll probably attempt the typical monthly photo with the onesie stickers, but Mike and I made this one of our little "love bug" and "heart breaker" happen before he headed to work.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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