Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Day

Do I regret not getting pictures of Sophie and Michael opening presents on their first Christmas morning?  Nope, not really.  I'm glad I was in the moment with them, helping them rip the paper and discover their gifts, and I will treasure the looks of surprise on their faces.  Despite being so little, they did get excited by a couple of their new toys.

Mike and I bought the babies a couple gifts together, and then we both spent $25 each on presents the other didn't see until Christmas morning.  This idea of Mike's was pretty fun, especially since we didn't buy gifts for each other this year (...or so I thought.  Mike surprised me with a gift card for my mom--our part time child chare provider--and me to share for manicures and/or pedicures). 

After some coffee and cinnamon rolls (intended mainly to get the house smelling yummy) we headed back to Mike's parents' house.  For nearly a decade I've been waking up there with Mike, his brother Nick and sister-in-law Molly, and his parents.  Mike and Nick would run out to pick up their grandparents if it was particularly snowy out, and we all would eat breakfast souffle, drink mimosas, and open gifts.   This year we hardly missed a beat showing up with the babies just before the souffle came out of the oven.

 Sophie with Uncle Nick and Aunt Molly

At around noon we packed up and headed to my parents house for dinner and presents with my mom, dad, and brother.

Michael with Uncle Joe

I was nervous about all of the driving around while balancing naps and feedings to ensure happy holiday babies, but it all worked out fantastically.  It was a joy-filled first Christmas for all of us.

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