Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas, here we come!

With a lost voice and snow on the roads, I felt it was time to take a day off on the Friday one week before the holiday break. I captured this little video knowing it was how my weekend and my upcoming time off was likely to look for the most part.

That Sunday we woke up to major snowstorm. It was Michael and Sophie's first glimpse of a significant snowfall, so Mike and I bundled them up in their snow suits. For obvious reasons, our time outdoors didn't last long.

Poor Soph! I love how Michael is looking at her.

I was thrilled to cap that weekend off with an official snowday on Monday. Four days home with Sophie and Michael was glorious...and a major teaser!

After a few days back to business as usual, the babies' child care center had a Christmas party on Friday evening. Sophie and Michael sat with Santa for the first time, and the center gave us a photo in a keychain (not their best picture, but no tears either!). The center also gave us two children's books, a healthy dinner, and their caregivers--I mean, Sophie and Michael-- gave us adorable framed pictures of the babies in angel wings. Mike's parents joined us for the whole occasion and back at home for the babies' dinner and some play time. The evening was a nice start to our real break!

Ahhhhh, this is good stuff....the thought of these two weeks got me through the last 20! I'm not getting much wrapping or baking done so far, but such is life. And life really is good.

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