Sunday, October 24, 2010


We took Sophie and Michael to my MoMs (Mothers of Multiples) club Halloween party yesterday.  Here are a few pics!

I thanked Sophie for being a girl (to the tune of Golden Girls theme song) before we headed out.  In her long-sleeved pink onesie, matching pink tights, and black Mary Janes, she looked like a little dancer.  Throw on a crocheted hat and bow and the cuteness was overwhelming. 
I believe our little Monkael broke the needle on the cute-o-meter as well!

 A decent photo of one 6-month-old is tough to get, so you can imagine the challenge of two in puffy costumes.  Here's the best I could do at the party.  I'll try for more this week!

As precious as these two were, the identical 13-month-old twin cowboys and the school-aged triplets dressed as Princess Lea, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vadar topped the list of my personal favorites at the party.  We didn't go for a matching theme this year, but I probably should try that before Sophie and Michael want to pick their own costumes!

Our little Sopherfly!

Grammie met us at the party!

 Michael was verrry curious about the stick in Mike's mouth.

Maybe you can have a lick next year, buddy!

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