Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grabby McGrabbersons

Michael and Sophie's fine motor skills are developing marvelously.  How do I know this?  For one, their primary caregiver mentioned it in an impromptu conference as I picked them up from daycare the other day.  I also know this because...

While resting on the couch with Michael on my lap on Friday night, he reached out and put his chubby little hand directly into my raspberry fudge-brownie Blizzard. Who can blame him?  Good stuff.

Sophie puts teething rings in her mouth, takes them out, and puts them in again.  Michael grabs the spoon when I feed him.

On Saturday afternoon when Mike held Sophie up to get a look at my new haircut, she grabbed handfulls of hair on either side of my face, pulled us eye to eye, and attempted to eat my nose.

At a restaurant on Saturday night, Mike took a fussy Michael out of his carseat and held him in his lap as he ate.  I looked up from my own meal and sputtered out, "Mike...Michael...knife!"  as Michael proudly weilded a butterknife.

Looks like it's time to maintain a good three-foot toys only radius.

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