Monday, February 20, 2017

February Swing

8|52 Motion

The kids and I enjoyed an afternoon at the park.  They played on swings, rolled down hills, and rode their scooters.  I stalked them from the other side of the monkey bars, squatted beside a creek, and knelt in wood chips to do some playing of my own.  

I am loving the weekly photo challenge that I have taken on for this year, The Bethadilly 52. I switched to it from the 365 project a few weeks in, knowing it was time to take a different approach.  Along with easing up on the time constraints, the prompts for this weekly challenge are photography-based, so I can work on a specific intention each week (like stopping motion) while focusing on a subject that inspires me (usually my kids).  I am far from adoring every photo that I have taken and selected, but I feel like I am growing a bit and am getting a sense of my own style.

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