Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ballet Recital Picture Day

April 25
This whole ballet recital adventure is a new one for all of us, and even with the added stress of mastering the art of French braiding and keeping track of the dates for parent meetings and pictures and rehearsals and whatnot, it's been a fun ride for all of us.

To be honest I felt a little self-conscious today taking photos with anything other than a phone as all of the little girls in Sophie's dance class got ready to get professional portraits.  We moms were all posing our girls and Instagramming away, including myself.  I had already taken some photos at home for my 365 (which I have accepted as an every other day thing at this point).  But oh, the cuteness.  The little feet, the up-do's, the lines of girls in a cloud of frothy sparkles.  I had to capture it to the best of my ability, and since my camera bag has become my everyday bag, it was right there.

I felt equally out of place later breaking out my camera at Olga's at lunch time, but we were at a table by the window, and it was as hard to resist my peanuts' sparkling eyes as it was that line of tutus.  I'm glad I shut down the "Who do you think you are?" mean girl in my head.  Or maybe I'm glad I answered her.

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