Monday, March 2, 2015

Pre-K Feet

March 2

This afternoon Michael sat at my feet, began taking off his socks, and said he had something in there to show me.  It turns out it was his feet.  Sophie showed me the surprise as well.

"Yikes, the bottoms of your feet are purple!  We better get you to the doctor," I said.

"Nooo," Michael smiled.  "We don't need a doctor, just a bath.  It's only paint, Mama."

While I don't long to give more baths than necessary, nor do I wish for clothes to get ruined, I do find it quite satisfying when my kids come home dirty from their day's adventures.  Today's adventure was painting with their feet to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday after reading "The Foot Book."  Baths and messy play clothes are just part of the deal.  

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