Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween 2014


Last year I took photos of Michael and Sophie in their Halloween costumes the day before the big day knowing the weather for trick-or-treating was going to be less than ideal.  We're having some unseasonably comfortable weather right now, so I got some costume pictures over the weekend.  I love how doing so ahead of time takes the pressure off!  Now we can just have fun, get pizza sauce on costumes, and let hair buns get destroyed by fairy wings.  (Tip: Google "sock bun" if you need a little girl up-do tutorial--crazy easy.  Great for grown-ups, too.)

I have been looking at our "new" yard all year wondering if there will be any good leaves for the kids to play in come fall, and I didn't think there would be.  What's pretty awesome is there aren't any big leaves on our propery, but  there are several maple trees in the common area just beyond our yard.  All the fun and none of the raking!  Someone planned that wisely.

Miss Sophie enjoys getting her picture taken these days.  Michael doesn't hate it, but he tenses up a bit (doesn't smile naturally, looks down a lot).  I've taught his dad to force a light laugh when smiling for a picture which has helped him.  We're working on that with Michael!



Have a boo-ti-ful Halloween!


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