Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mommy Cows

This is one of those that I better write down before I forget the delightful details.

Driving to Sophie's dance class tonight we got talking about our annual twin club play date at a farm tomorrow...


Me:  What animals do you think we'll see tomorrow?

Michael: Maybe sheep?

Me:  Maybe.  Maybe there will be baby sheep.  There were a lot of baby animals last year.

Sophie:  I think we'll see cows.

Me:  Oh, yeah.  Do you remember milking the cow last time?

Michael: I hope there's a cow tomorrow so we can milk him again.

Me:  Well, the cows that make milk are the female cows, the mommy cows.

Sophie: Why the mommy cows?

Me:  The mommy cows make the milk for feeding the baby cows, just like my body made milk to feed you when you were babies.

Sophie: What?

***For some reason in that moment I believed they just knew this, like deep in their memories they harbored an understanding of lactation.***

Me:  When you were babies my body made milk for you.

Sophie:  Your body made milk, and you put it in a cup, and we drinked it?

Me:  Pretty much, that, yeah.

Sophie:  Are you kiddin' me?

Me:  No, I'm serious.

Michael:  How did you make milk?  Like, how did your body make the milk?

Me: Well, when babies are born, mommies...

Michael:  Was it magic?

Sophie:  You're kiddin' us.

Michael:  Were you a cow?


At this point we were pulling into the parking lot, I was laughing a bit too much for them to take me seriously, so I said I would explain it better after ballet.

The topic didn't come up again, but I'm now wondering what insight will come out of their mouths at the farm tomorrow as they get their turns at the udder.

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