Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines 2014

This year's valentines are done. Check!
Valentines 2014-6
Michael is giving bouncy balls, and Sophie is giving little puzzles. The puzzle idea came from Craftiness is Not Optional, and the ball idea came from Less Ordinary Designs. I even downloaded the printables but later decided to customize the labels.

I came up with a way to keep from totally doing the double duty of creating separate valentines for both kids to give. Their first year they just gave one together (the crayon hearts), but last year Sophie gave bubbles and Michael gave silly straws. Although they are both giving something this year as well, they are delivering them in the same package.


Valentines 2014-2

...Sophie on one side...

Valentines 2014-1

...and Michael on the other.

The puzzles and balls both came from Oriental Trading. I found the bags at Target. I created the card labels using PowerPoint, cut them with a paper cutter, then folded and stapled them to the bags. Knowing a couple of punches with the hole punch and ribbon tied in a bow would be cuter than staples, I did pick up some colored string at Target as well. I gave in to ease, though, and stapled away. As I predicted, I wasn't thrilled with the look of the staple, the potential for scratching, or the fact that Michael or Sophie would appear to be on the "front" depending on how I stapled. Solution: I broke out the foam stickers I occupy the kids with occasionally and had them help me fix the Valentines up.

A few classmates will even get Valentine's adorned with Sophie's signature layered sticker technique.

Valentines 2014-3

These don't look nearly as polished as the pretty little printables out there, and they surely take a little more thought and effort than the boxes of valentine cards out there, but I'm pleased.  And I love that Michael and Sophie helped a bit for the first time!

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