Friday, May 25, 2012

"I made my family disappear."

Call me Kevin McAllister because I am home....ALONE!

I have today and Monday off for Memorial Day weekend, and I debated my options right up until Mike left for work twenty minutes ago.  Obviously, I decided to do it, to stay home today without my kids.

I've had this kind of opportunity before, two years worth of holiday breaks and summer vacations and personal days when I could have sent the kids to the child care center while I did whatever on my own, but I've never done it.  I spend all school year longing for whole days with my kids, the joys and stresses of meals and snacks and naps and play time, and I cherish the extended times that I get with them.  Spending a day without Michael and Sophie by choice has never sounded good enough to make it happen.

But with three days after this to spend completely with Michael and Sophie and a whole summer coming up in just a few weeks (a whole summer with two two-year-olds to entertain), taking today to get some little projects done ultimately felt like a grand opportunity.

Once I finish this second cup of peacefully consumed coffee, I will attempt to tackle those tasks like organizing the kitchen junk drawer and getting a head start on this week's laundry.  I'll be glad to have  chipped away at the to-do list before the kids, Mike, and I start our long weekend together this afternoon!

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