Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another closet transition

I managed to do some organizing with ten minutes here and there while the kids played in the playroom over the last couple of days. The most pleasing result of that time is the kids' closet.
This is pretty much what it looked like before (although the picture is from well over a year ago):

Every few months or so the kids' closet and dresser drawers need some adjustment as clothes get too small, gear is outgrown, and new things (like more shoes than ever) need new homes.

This round's changes included bringing in matching baskets for (left to right) Sophie's shoes, bath toys, and Michael's shoes. Behind them (respectively) is space for Sophie's bag of daycare nap items when it's home for weekly cleaning, the first aid kit, and Micheal's nap bag. The good children's books have been on the top shelf for a while, but I added bookends to make it a permanent home. I moved the extra diapers, wipes, and pail liners from that top shelf to behind the diaper pail (where that tub in the before picture used to live). The rest of the space up top is devoted to three diaper bags--the little everyday one, the big guy, and one just for rec. center swimming with towels, swim diapers, and suits all good to go.

The playroom got a little fix-up as well.  I finally hung the scrapbook frames on either side of the needlepoint that was in my own nursery, a gift from my mom at our baby shower. (The pics below are terrible--the lighting in that room is either cold and gray or crazy yellow.  I'll get some better ones later on for the "Nursery and Playroom" page of this blog.)

Here's a closer look at the frames:

And the needlepoint:

Ending this post with that statement is a little ironic considering my tidying up during play time, but dust never does sleep.  Sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

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