Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freshened Pantry

Back in March I tackled reorganizing the pantry. Now that the fix-up is underway, I asked Mike to give the pantry a new coat of paint, and I added some DIY basket labels for our produce and bread baskets, freshening up the pantry nicely.

I hunted around my Michael's craft store to see if they had chalkboard basket labels like the $8 ones available from Pottery Barn. They didn't, so I bought some small wooden boards ($3 for four), cut some chalkboard vinyl that I already had from the pantry jars, had Mike drill a two small holes at the top of both (I could handle that, but he's faster at it), and threaded some wire through.

I also bought a white fabric-marking pencil to use for all those chalkboard labels. It's much easer to write with than chalk (although I should be skilled at that, right? I'm not) and wipes off easily with a wet paper towel.
Fresh Paint

The pantry today!

A Bowl Full of Lemons


  1. Wow! Your pantry looks great!

    1. Thanks, Mary. If I wasn't certain it would fall victim to toddler mischeif, I'd be tempted to leave off the doors so I could look at it more. :)


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