Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yep, still decorating the nursery.

I've accepted that this is just how I am.  I don't decorate a room and leave it alone.  I usually start pretty simple and then add and revise and eventually start all over when a new idea comes to me.  Playing with my house is just a creative outlet for me.

Recently I said I was going to make valances for the nursery with a vintage chenille bedspread.  But I changed the plan.  I just don't really like valances.  They're a safe choice with the cribs so close to the windows but are a little too '90's to me, which is why I haven't given in and put some up already.

I decided I would try instead to turn this:

into a couple of toddler blankets and a few pillows.   I found some great sewing tips on Prudent Baby.  Stay tuned to see how it goes!

The goal with the valance idea wasn't so much to decorate the windows (I like them plain) as it was to break up all the white--white trim, white shades, white furniture, white hardware.  White hardware?

Here's the solution I came up with.

The knobs are from The Great Indoors and weren't exactly the most frugal choice.  But Mike and I like them.

I chose bronze to coordinate with the scrapbook page frames and to break up the white with some brown.

We did put up some new white shades, cordless blackout ones that thankfully all but disappear when up.  I don't love how they look down (again, pretty '90's), but their safety and functionality make them worth keeping open when it's not sleepy time.


  1. You're suppose to stop decorating? That would be borning!

    I like the changes.

  2. Those really make the dresser look more upscale! And it breaks up some of the white nicely too. Good choice!

  3. Haha! I guess with so many parents totally finishing their nurseries long before the baby/ies arrive, continuing the process sometimes makes me feel like a slacker.


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