Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buzz and Jessie

Way back in September I shared the plans for Michael and Sophie's Halloween costumes.  Since the forecast for tomorrow's trick-or-treating is not camera-friendly, I costumed up my buddies on this 50 degree afternoon and snapped some photos.

Buzz and Jessie-2

Buzz and Jessie-10

Buzz and Jessie-3

Buzz and Jessie-4

Buzz and Jessie-5

Buzz and Jessie-6

Buzz and Jessie-7

Buzz and Jessie-8

These were all taken at our new house.  In most of the photos our property ends where the kids are standing.  More on that when we come up for air.  The whole packing-moving-unpacking ordeal has been kicking our butts!

Buzz and Jessie-9

Happy Halloween!

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